Subscribing to Content on This Website

What is an RSS FEED?

RSS Feeds provide a way for people to subscribe to content without having to visit and browse a website. When you subscribe to an RSS feed, regular updates are delivered automatically to you via a web portal, news reader or even e-mail.

You can subscribe to any of the feeds listed below with Feedreader, Google Reader, or another RSS reader of your choice. Once you have subscribed to one or more of the feeds, the latest content (sermon audio, blog updates, news and events ) will be delivered to you, helping you stay up to date and saving you the trouble of checking the site for new updates.

The "Feed 101" page at Google offers a good introduction to Feeds, Feedreaders and content syndication.

Covenant Life Church Podcast

Sunday Sermon Podcast

Covenant Life Church takes a team approach to preaching, so the Sunday sermons are taught by lead pastor Joshua Harris plus other members of the pastoral team, with an occasional guest speaker. This feed is the simplest and best way to keep up with the Sunday preaching.

Church Blog

Monday through Saturday, fresh blog posts from senior pastor Joshua Harris keep members and guests up to date on church life and God's grace at work.


This feed contains all church events published in the News and Events section of the site. Note that News and Events can also be accessed via their separate tabs on the lower left section of the homepage.


This feed contains all news items published in the News tab of the News and Events section of the site.