An environment where people are not sure who is in charge can be very counterproductive, whether it’s in the family, a business or a government.  In fact, some of the moments of greatest tension, conflict and pain in life occur when authority is ill-defined or abused.  But when there are clear structures, when people know who they’re accountable to, when there is trust and confidence in leadership, a lot gets accomplished.

The same is true for the local church. Clear lines of authority and accountability—defined according to Scripture—along with trust and confidence in leadership, make for a church that’s effective in its mission. And when people use their authority or position to protect, build up and bless others, there can be great fruitfulness.

Join us Sundays through March 18 for “How Church Works,”  a series that asks:

• How does authority function in the church?
• Who’s in charge? Who makes the decisions?
• Who are the pastors/elders? And what qualifies someone to be one? What are men in this role supposed to do?
• What is the role and responsibility of the congregation?

Series Schedule:

February 12 | The Church of God | Joshua Harris
February 19 | The Chief Shepherd | Joshua Harris  
February 26 | The Elders (Part 1: Their Role and Qualifications) | Joshua Harris
March 4 | The Elders (Part 2: Shepherds and Overseers) | Robin Boisvert
March 11 |  The Congregation | Joshua Harris
March 18 | The Deacons | Mark Mitchell