Benevolence Team

Team Description:

The Benevolence Team is made up of compassionate people who are willing to come alongside someone in need to encourage and practically help them through their situation. The Benevolence Team is looking for social workers, credit counselors, and people with strong financial and personal administrative gifts.

Serving Location(s):

Church Conference Area


4th Saturdays




Compassion, Generosity, Discernment

Open Positions and Current Opportunities

Benevolence Team Administrator | Benevolence Team

The Benevolence Team is looking for a church member who can volunteer their time as an administrative assistant. The position entails contacting clients and advisors on the team about the clinic as well as keeping team and client information updated.

Benevolence Team Advisors | Benevolence Team

The Benevolence Team is looking for church members with experience in social work and financial management to serve those in need in the following roles:

• Benevolence Advisors
• Social Services Advisors
• Financial Advisors

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