Tough Questions

What are YOUR tough questions?

Over the past two months, we have surveyed area residents asking for their top five questions about Christianity. Our goal: to have people's responses drive which questions we explore over four Sundays, starting May 14.

The results are in.

Join us as we answer these objections:

May 14: Christians can be very judgmental and hypocritical.
May 21: The Christian response to LGBT issues and similar is extreme and polarizing.
May 28: How could a good God allow so much evil and suffering?
June 4: How can there only be one way to God as Christians claim?

One of the other top objections was “How can a loving God send people to hell?” While we won’t cover it in this series, we encourage you to listen to PJ’s message on the topic last month.

Join us as PJ Smyth and Kevin Rogers preach on these important subjects. The goal of the series is to help Christians think more accurately and compassionately about these issues, and to help skeptical thinkers find genuine answers.

On several Sundays, attendees will be invited to text in their questions for a Q&A panel at the end of the service, enabling us to discuss these issues together as a community. Childcare is provided for newborns through 5th grade.


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