September 9 - October 28

Introducing God

Who is God and what is he like?

Questions about God?

Come and explore them during our Introducing God series, an 8-week introduction to Christianity.

Introducing God

During this series, we will introduce the God of the Bible – who he is and what he is like. We will cover the main storyline of the Bible, from beginning to end, and as we do, we’ll address questions like, “What is my purpose in life?” “What has gone wrong with the world?” “Who is Jesus and why does he matter?” “What happens after I die?”

After the messages, you’ll have an opportunity to interact with friendly people where relationships can grow and questions are welcome. Whether you’re unfamiliar with Christianity or would simply enjoy a refresher, we believe this Introducing God series is for you. We invite you to join us!

Sundays at 10am beginning September 9.


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They had questions about life, God, meaning, and purpose; life had shown them that there was something missing in them. Dive into their journey of finding the answers they were looking for, and more.

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