What Comes After This Life?

Join us over three Sundays, as we explore the reality of death and what comes next. Starts Easter, April 16. Service at 10 a.m.

April 16 (Easter Sunday): Death

We associate death with sorrow, tragedy, devastating grief. Does is all mean something? Is there some kind of redemption in it?

April 23: Hell

Is it a reality? How could a good God allow such a place of suffering? Is it necessary to talk about it?

April 30: Heaven

Our finite minds struggle to imagine eternity. What of the many pictures of heaven is the right one? Who goes there and who doesn’t? Is the human soul extinguished at death, or are we eternal beings?

Upcoming Series

Also join us starting May 14 for the Tough Questions series, four messages based on people's top questions about Christianity. What are yours?

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