FORTY Series


Sundays at 10AM
Starting January 7

Covenant Life Church began in a basement in 1977. We are now 40 years old. When this number is used in the Bible, it usually marks a new season. Consider:

  • After 40 days of flooding, a new world emerged.
  • After 40 days of spying, Caleb returned with bold confidence that the Lord had given them the land.
  • The Israelites failed to receive Caleb’s report with faith, however, so it took them an extra 40 years before they entered the Promised Land.
  • After 40 days of tyranny under Goliath’s taunts, Israel was liberated when David slew the giant.
  • In Psalm 40, David speaks of his patient endurance until God lifted him out of a swamp onto solid ground and put a new song on his lips.
  • After 40 days of testing in the desert, Jesus emerged “in the power of the Spirit.”
  • After 40 days of resurrection appearances, Jesus ascended to heaven.

That is a lot of forties! Even the most prophetically cautious amongst us might consider it likely that God has some new things for us at our 40-year mark. I certainly believe he has, and I think they fall into two broad categories: some foundational adjustments about how we think of ourselves as God’s people, and some clear strategic goals to help us take significant ground in the months and years ahead.

Over the first ten weeks of 2018, we will be in a sermon series entitled FORTY: Forward Together.

The first few messages in this series are foundational. Some weeks it will feel like God is fortifying an existing foundation, and others that he is laying a new foundation.

Then we will move into several messages laying out a clear strategic plan for the coming months and years. The plan is reasonably detailed, and will affect all of us. It is audacious, requiring faith to receive and implement, and it may also push our “sentimental buttons” as we leave some dear things behind in order to embrace our new season. I know the Lord will help us.

As a real treat, our dear friend Terry Virgo will be participating towards the end of the series with an important foundational message about our identity in Christ. Please be particularly prayerful for this series.

Throughout the series and on this web page you are going to see historic photographs taken a quarter of a century ago when the first section of our building was constructed. These images have deeply affected me. They chronicle the faith of the founding members of Covenant Life. Through their sacrifice and resolve, 40 acres of pristine farmland became a flourishing campus where countless men, women, and children have found life in Christ. They pressed forward in their generation to lay the foundations on which we now stand. Now it’s our turn.

Eager to move forward together in 2018! Happy New Year!



Forty: Forward Together
Preaching Schedule

  • January 7  |  Foundations: Prayer 
    (PJ - Psalm 122)
  • January 14  |  Foundations: Inward and Outward
    (PJ - Genesis 12)
  • January 21  |  Foundations: Church and City
    (PJ - Jeremiah 29)
  • January 28  |  Foundations: Pastors and Priesthood of All Believers
    (PJ - Ephesians 4)
  • February 4  |  Foundations: Faith and Action
    (PJ - 1 Samuel 14)
  • February 11  |  Strategy: Bold Moves
    (PJ - Joshua 1)
  • February 18  |  Strategy: Key Emphases
    (PJ - Acts 2)
  • February 25  |  Foundations: Identity in Christ
    (Special Guest Terry Virgo)
  • March 4  |  Strategy: Essentials for Everyone
    (PJ – Acts 2)
  • March 11  |  Crossing Over Together
    (PJ – Joshua 3-4)