A Series
in the Book
of Titus

Sundays at 10 AM
Starting September 10

The Book

The book takes its name from its recipient, Titus. The Apostle Paul is the writer, and the book is essentially a commission to Titus to strengthen some fledgling churches and believers on the island of Crete. Titus is loaded with truth and application for churches and believers today at home, at work and at church.

The Preachers

I (PJ) have the privilege of preaching the majority of the series, assisted by Kevin Rogers and Mark Mitchell, both part of the preaching team at Covenant Life. I will also be drawing in a few church members to help inspire and coach us in the “At Work” trilogy of messages. And, my wife Ashleigh will contribute testimony and perspective within the message I'll preach about women, marriage and parenting.

We'd be delighted to have you for the series! Please join us. And see below for more on the series makeup and schedule.

Series Within
the Series

We will be working through the book sequentially (mostly), and at times we will pause to give a particular verse or theme greater attention. The series is broken into four mini-series (two-three weeks each) and two other individual messages.

We will pause the series on Sunday, October 15, to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, and on Sunday, November 26 (Thanksgiving Sunday), to hear from guest speaker Lex Loizides.



  • September 10 | Titus 1:1-9 | PJ
    Leadership Part 1: Leading the Church
  • September 17 | Titus 1:5-9 | PJ
    Leadership Part 2: Leading Yourself
  • September 24 | Titus 1:5-9 | PJ
    Leadership Part 3: Leading at Home
  • October 1 | Titus 1:10-15 | Kevin Rogers
    True Elders and False Teachers


  • October 8 | Titus 2:1-2 | PJ  
    Generations Part 1: Older Men and Older Women
  • October 22 | Titus 2:3-5 | PJ
    Generations Part 2: Younger Men
  • October  29 | Titus 2:6-8 | PJ
    Generations Part 3: Younger Women

At Work

  • November 5 | Titus 2:9-10 | PJ
    At Work Part 1: The Big Why
  • November 12 | Titus 2:9-10 | PJ
    At Work Part 2: Employers & Employees
  • November 19 | Titus 2:9-10 | PJ
    At Work Part 3: Challenges & Tensions


  • December 3 | Titus 2:11-15
    Grace Part 1: The Power of Grace | PJ
  • December 10 | Titus 3:1-15
    Grace Part 2: The Product of Grace | Mark Mitchell
  • December 17 | Finale
    The Life of Titus: Milestones to Maturity | PJ