Inside Out

Ready for MW17?

God sent his Son into the world to redeem a people for himself ... and now he sends us into the world on four fronts of mission:


Mission Weekend 2017 will touch all four fronts with a special focus on loving my neighbors.

  • Lex Loizides, a gifted evangelist and pastor from South Africa, will show how the good news of the gospel naturally turns us “inside out” to love and serve those around us.
  • Kids (ages 3-14) will circle the globe and learn about unreached people groups during the Kids Activity.
  • Hang out with friends at our movie night on Saturday (hosted by the youth missions teams).
  • And be sure to invite neighbors and coworkers to the weekend finale—a special outreach service followed by our Community Festival.

MW17 Schedule 

Friday Night, May 5 (7:30 - 9:30 PM)
  • Lex's Story: From Atheism to Faith
    • How the God who doesn't exist interrupted my life
  • Message: Increasing in Faith, Engaging with Culture
    • How you can take small steps to change your world
  • Worship, video, prayer
Saturday Morning, May 6 (9 AM – Noon)
  • Lex: Just Walk Across the Room, Part 1
    • The greatest gift we can give
  • Coffee Break
  • Lex: Just Walk Across the Room, Part 2
    • ​Living 3D Lives
  • ​Videos, special music, Q & A
  • Kids Activity in Events Center for Ages 3-14 (8:45-Noon)
Saturday Night, May 6 (7:30 – 9:30 PM)
  • Movie Night: The Insanity of God
  • Concessions (Fundraiser for Youth Missions)
Sunday Service, May 7 (10 AM – 2 PM)
  • Special worship, international choir
  • Spotlight Interview: Atheists and Agnostics
  • Mission Offering
  • Lex: Adventurous Faith
  • Community Festival - Members and guests are invited to stay after the service for food trucks ($), kids' activities, and a chance to interact with over 20 outreach teams and organizations serving our community.

Special Guest Lex Loizides

Photo of Lex Loizides

During his misspent, chaotic youth, British atheist Lex Loizides experienced an unexpected change. He had been given a copy of the Gospel of John and was carefully searching verse by verse for errors and contradictions. Instead he felt the shock of an unwanted yet irresistible call from Jesus to follow him and to tell others about it all. He's been doing that ever since. 




Not sure if you can make it to Mission Weekend 2017? Before you decide, consider this amazing statistic:

“If you alone were the only Christian willing to fulfill the Great Commission and were willing to lead one person per year to Christ, train and disciple them, and then both of you do the same the next year, each repeating the process—that process of multiplying by two each year would see the entire world have a chance to hear and respond to Christ in only thirty-five years.” —David Horner

It’s time to get turned “inside out.” See you at Mission Weekend 2017!

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