Bible Reading Plan

Many Christians take stock of their Bible reading habits at the beginning of each new year. The Bible is the book given to us by our God, and deserves our fullest attention. As Charles Spurgeon wrote,

Many books in my library are now behind and beneath me. They were good in their way once, and so were the clothes I wore when I was ten years old; but I have outgrown them. Nobody ever outgrows Scripture; the book widens and deepens with our years.

How will you plan to meet God through his word this year?

To assist you, we have highlighted two plans. Feel free to also check out some recommendations we offered last year.

The 5-Day Bible Reading Program

This plan takes you through the Bible in a year, 5 days a week, in a roughly chronological fashion. A printout for 2018 is also available.

M’Cheyne One-Year Reading Plan

This plan is available at esvbible.orgThe Gospel Coalition, and elsewhere. The plan’s author is Robert Murray M’Cheyne, an early 19th-century pastor and preacher in Scotland.

To complement use of the M'Cheyne plan, D.A. Carson has penned two devotional volumes called For the Love of God with daily meditations on the readings. Both books are available as PDFs (vol. 1 and vol. 2), in our church bookstore, and at Amazon (vol. 1 and vol. 2). Carson suggests tackling two of the four M'Cheyne readings each day, which will take you through the New Testament and Psalms in a year and the Old Testament in two years.

This year, let’s feast on the words God has given us, and may they be tastier to us than the sweetest of desserts (Psalm 19:10).

—Ken Boer