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January 25 2014 at 2:47 pm 28 Comments


UPDATE (Monday morning, January 27):
Yesterday afternoon, the Lowe family asked that we pass on to you this brief report on Emma’s condition.

Many in our church and community are grieving in the wake of the traffic accident yesterday in front of the church, which resulted in the death of one Covenant Life School school student and very serious injuries to others. We will be taking tomorrow morning’s service to look to God and his Word for comfort and peace in the midst of this troubling time.

Please pray for the French and Lowe families, those in the two vehicles that were in the accident, and all in the community who have been affected. We as a church family also grieve for the family of Suzanne Snyder, a long-time and beloved member of the church who went to be with the Lord this week.

As Christians we do not grieve as those without hope, but instead have hope beyond the grave. The community is invited to join us tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. for our Sunday service, as well as at 6 p.m. on Sunday evening for a Community Prayer Vigil.

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Praying from Tanzania.

By Christina Smart on 01/25/2014

Thanks for directing our thoughts and prayers.

By Donna Banks on 01/25/2014

Prayers from Canada and from our church family.

By Andrew Doucette on 01/25/2014

Prayers from Romeo, MI and our church family.

By Eric Majeski on 01/25/2014

We will pray for the God of all comfort to comfort every person affected. May the peace of Christ be with these families and all who love them.

By Aron Osborne on 01/25/2014

My sister, Jean Mays, is a member of your church, and in her home I’ve witnessed the comings and goings of an extraordinary community of loving, caring people. A family in the truest sense of the word. My heart aches for the pain you are all going through right now, but I am reassured by the tremendous strength and great love you all share for one another. My prayers are with you all.

By Mary Griffith on 01/25/2014

I am so grieved to hear of this deep sorrow. O Lord, dear Father of Mercies: please show mercy and grace to all—and may your deep unfathomable comfort be felt in every heart.

By tim shorey on 01/25/2014

We are so sorry to hear the news, and grieve with you Covenant Life. To the families in loss, our prayer is that Jesus, the Man of Sorrows, undergird your souls with His nearness and compassion.

With warmest consolations,

Tom & Mireille White
Grace Church, San Diego

By Tom White on 01/25/2014

Praying. So sorry to hear about this loss. May God comfort His church in this difficult time.

By Mindy on 01/25/2014

Praying for these families and your church.

Troy & Jodie Campbell
Sovereign Grace Church Central PA

By Troy Campbell on 01/25/2014

My heart breaks over this news, and am trusting in the comfort of the Holy Spirit to be with those families affected.  He gives a very special grace in times like these.  We are praying for and with you.

By Mike Gilland on 01/25/2014

We are grieving with you in Indiana, PA.  Praying that our Lord Jesus will sustain and comfort you.

By Mike & Kim Hartle on 01/25/2014

Praying and grieving with you all from Ciudad Juarez.

By Wilbur & Chiqui Zehr on 01/26/2014

I am grieving, along with all of you, at this unspeakable tragedy. My prayers go out to the families of the victims and to each of the victims’ friends and classmates.

I’m also praying for Jamie Leach, for Josh, and for all of the pastors at Covenant Life Church, that they will be filled with wisdom to know how to minister God’s comfort to the students, to the church, and to the surrounding community.

May God wrap His arms around the family of CLC and may Covenant Life Church’s response to this tragedy be life giving to the surrounding community.

We love you guys!

By Jay Lyles on 01/26/2014

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all this morning. May you know grace and hope in the midst of this as you gather together this morning. We will be praying for you here in Christchurch.

By Pete Greasley on 01/26/2014

Prayers from Santa Rita, Guam…  Praying for peace and comfort in this extremely difficult time….  Also praying for the hearts of the lost to be drawn to the Savior… And finally, praying for the families involved to be surrounded by love and support… 

Much love from Guam

By Buck and Asheley Underwood on 01/26/2014

We pray for you dear friends. May the Lord himself comfort you with his great love and the nearness of his presence. We are deeply saddened by the news of these events and stand with you in prayer.

By John Butler on 01/26/2014

We thank the Lord that his precious promises are to us and to our children, as his covenant people. Our prayers for you ascend from Cardiff, Wales, UK.

By John McCabe on 01/26/2014

We are praying for the families and community. May God touch your hearts and souls with the tender mercies of His loving grace. May He speak healing, love, and tenderness each day. May His Holy Spirit restore you complete. You are all in our thoughts and prayers from The Rock community. Peace be with you.

By Peggy Marshall on 01/26/2014

Praying from Covenant Fellowship church. May the God of all comfort and peace be with you.

By Jeff Schinella on 01/26/2014

We too are praying for all involved, knowing that our Lord is faithful to give wisdom, grace and strength and tender mercies.  May His healing touch and warm embrace hold all close.

By Bob & Leslie Sier on 01/26/2014

Praying for all of you during this difficult time.  May God’s love surpass all of your pain and help all of the families and church members.

By Edwin and Lilia Soler on 01/26/2014

Praying for much love and peace to Covenant Life Church and everyone involved.

By John Ferrante on 01/26/2014

My heart cries out for these families.  I rejoice for the Kingdom of Heaven gained a beautiful soul and cry for the family’s loss. May the Lord fill the French Family with the peace of His Holy Spirit and comfort them as only He can.

All my love,

By Melissa A. Worthey on 01/27/2014

I met Teressa in 09’. She instantly became my best friend after spending a day at the Zoo with our moms. By the end of the day we were begging our parents to let her stay the night. Teressa met me at a rough time I was being bullied at school and she showed me what a real friend was like. If she were to ever ask me todo something I would. I miss her so much and I wish I could have told her. I know she touched everyone’s lives with her joy and happiness and I pray that everyone remember that because I know that is what she would have wanted. She will be loved forever.

By Elizabeth Kohler on 01/27/2014

Praying for the families involved and the church at large during this time for God’s comfort and encouragement. Also for those at Magruder High.

By Dave and Wendy Hudson on 01/27/2014

Although I did not know Teressa, my prayers are for her family and for everyone who has been touched by this tragedy. May The Lord surround us all with wisdom, grace and loving kindness as we all grieve and He grieves with us.

By Yvette J Benjamin on 01/27/2014

How we ache with you all and are asking our Father to comfort, sustain, and refresh you even in the midst of such great sorrow. May the truth that you are sheltered in the shadow of His wings be a salve during this time. Please know we are praying for you.

By Mark and Lisa Donovan on 01/28/2014
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