Sundays at Covenant Life

In-Person and Online at 10am

In-Person and Online Services

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Covenant Life is committed to provide safe and strengthening worship services for everyone. To that end, we offer two service options: an indoor, in-person service at our church building and a live stream of that service online.

In-Person Services

In-Person Services – Register Here

What to Expect

Sunday services are about 90 minutes long and always include a sermon on the Bible, prayer, and singing together. On some Sundays, we also baptize new Christians or take communion together, and we like to tell stories of what's happening through the people and ministries of the church.

Wear something comfortable. Most of us dress casually, but if you are more comfortable in a coat and tie or clothing that reflects your heritage and culture, you won't be alone.​

When you arrive, parking crew can help you find the closest entrance and greeters can show you to seats in the main auditorium.

If you would like to learn more about Covenant Life, visit the New Here area in the main lobby or plan to attend our next Starting Point class.

If you have any questions, please stop by the Welcome Center in the main lobby.

COVID-19 and In-Person Services

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking the following precautions during our Sunday Services:

  • Registration is kindly requested. Register to attend here. (Maximum capacity is 750 people, including staff and volunteers.)
  • Households will be seated together at a physical distance from each other in the fixed seating sections as well as in chairs in the gyms behind the main seating area.
  • Everyone in attendance should wear a face covering (per Montgomery County order, with exceptions) and maintain 6 feet of physical distance while in the building.
  • Offerings can be given online or via collection boxes as you exit the auditorium. No collection plates will be passed.
  • Children’s ministry will not yet be open at this time. Children will stay with their parents throughout the service.

In-Person Services – Register Here

Online Services

Online Services – Watch Here

What to Expect

The online service is a live stream of our in-person service. Online attendees will be able to sing the same songs and hear the same message, alongside the rest of the church, each Sunday morning.

Why an Online Service?

COVID-19 is the driving factor in Covenant Life providing an online service. We ask everyone who has had exposure to COVID-19 or symptoms consistent with COVID-19 to participate online rather than attend in-person. We also encourage people at high risk of severe illness to attend online until they are confident they will be safe when participating in large gatherings.

Even so, there are many other good reasons to attend online: a young mother with a newborn, an elderly man who is shut in at home, a family with sickness (of any kind), business men and women who must travel over the weekend, newcomers who want to check out the service before attending in person.

We are truly grateful to be able to stream our service to the world in order to enable these people to participate, even when they cannot come to the church building.

Enjoy the Online Service? Take the Next Step.

Covenant Life is happy to provide an excellent online service and believes it is an important piece of our ministry to the church and our community, especially given the health concerns surrounding COVID-19. However, we also believe that watching a service or sermon online cannot replace full involvement in church life. Online participation is not the same as standing alongside brothers and sisters in worship. Nor is it sufficient nourishment for the long-term spiritual health of a Christian.

We encourage everyone who enjoys our online service to take the next step by getting personally involved in a local church in your area. Of course, if you live near Washington, DC, we'd love to see you in-person as soon as reasonable. Thanks for watching, and we hope to see you soon!

Online Services – Watch Here

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