Sundays at Covenant Life

In-Person and Online at 10am

2 Ways to Join: In Person & Online

Covenant Life is committed to provide safe and strengthening worship services for everyone.

To that end, we offer two service options: an indoor, in-person service at our church building and a live stream of that service online.

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In-Person Services

COVID-19 UPDATE (May 2021)


The following changes will take effect on May 30, 2021 to match the County’s latest guidance:

  • Face coverings will be optional.

  • Social distancing markings will be removed from the fixed seating in the bowl.

  • Seating on the gym floors in the back of the auditorium will remain distanced in order to serve those who may prefer to maintain social distance for a time. 

  • Restrooms will no longer be limited.

  • Registration will not be requested.


Please note:

  • Offerings can be given online or via collection boxes as you exit the auditorium. No collection plates will be passed.

  • Children’s ministry will not yet be open at this time. Children will stay with their parents throughout the service.


A Word From Our Elders:

"This has been a challenging year, but, church, we have so often seen you live out Philippians 2 as you love one another and prefer others above yourself. We want to encourage you to continue having that attitude of Christ. We promise that there will be someone at church on May 30th that thinks differently about COVID than you. If you are ready to ditch your mask, maybe put it in your pocket rather than the trash can, in case you have the opportunity to fellowship with your brother or sister who is more cautious. If you are eager to maintain your distance, may the distance be only physical, not in your affection, gratefulness, or respect."

Online Services

Join Online

What to Expect

The online service is a live stream of our in-person service. Online attendees will be able to sing the same songs and hear the same message, alongside the rest of the church, each Sunday morning.

Why an Online Service?

COVID-19 is the driving factor in Covenant Life providing an online service. We ask everyone who has had exposure to COVID-19 or symptoms consistent with COVID-19 to participate online rather than attend in-person. We also encourage people at high risk of severe illness to attend online until they are confident they will be safe when participating in large gatherings.

Even so, there are many other good reasons to attend online: a young mother with a newborn, an elderly man who is shut in at home, a family with sickness (of any kind), business men and women who must travel over the weekend, newcomers who want to check out the service before attending in person.

We are truly grateful to be able to stream our service to the world in order to enable these people to participate, even when they cannot come to the church building.

Enjoy the Online Service? Take the Next Step.

Covenant Life is happy to provide an excellent online service and believes it is an important piece of our ministry to the church and our community, especially given the health concerns surrounding COVID-19. However, we also believe that watching a service or sermon online cannot replace full involvement in church life. Online participation is not the same as standing alongside brothers and sisters in worship. Nor is it sufficient nourishment for the long-term spiritual health of a Christian.

We encourage everyone who enjoys our online service to take the next step by getting personally involved in a local church in your area. Of course, if you live near Washington, DC, we'd love to see you in-person as soon as reasonable. Thanks for watching, and we hope to see you soon!

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