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Association with Sovereign Grace Ministries

December 17 2012 at 2:00 pm 0 Comments

For the past 18 months, Covenant Life Church has been going through a time of testing which we see as an expression of the Father’s loving discipline.  Various circumstances have led us to evaluate ourselves and consider how God is calling us to grow.  While we can already see ways in which God has used this experience to teach and help us as a church, it has not come without pain and loss. It has been challenging in many ways.  One of the most difficult aspects of this time has been realizing we find ourselves going in a different direction from that of Sovereign Grace Ministries (SGM), the organization that was launched within our church and whose leaders have played a foundational role in the life of our church. 

Over the past year there has been a growing clarity for our pastoral team that our differences with the leadership of SGM make it difficult for us to remain as a member church. After much prayer and sober consideration, the pastoral team presented their perspective and proposed disassociation from SGM to the members of Covenant Life Church at a members meeting on November 4.  On December 12, 2012, the members of Covenant Life Church affirmed the pastors’ decision to end our formal association with SGM.

As we close this chapter on our church’s history, we are saddened that we cannot remain in formal association with leaders and churches we dearly love and have counted as close partners for many years.  Yet we are grateful that our unity goes far deeper than institutional association.  We are united by faith in the same Lord, a bond that is not and cannot be broken.  We are sincerely thankful for the vital role the leadership and churches of SGM have played in helping us be a church that treasures the gospel.  We will be ever grateful to those leaders of SGM who played a foundational role in establishing and building this local church.  They will remain dear to us as brothers in gospel ministry, and we anticipate cooperating in future ministry endeavors, even though the nature of our partnership has changed.  We pray that this next season in ministry for SGM and Covenant Life Church will be as fruitful as ever as we press forward in the mission God has called us to in the days ahead.

—The Pastors of Covenant Life Church

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