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Built on the Word

July 1 2012 at 7:34 am 8 Comments

Here’s a note from singles pastor Isaac Hydoski about “Built on the Word,” two separate but simultaneous teaching sessions for ladies and men coming up on Friday, July 20, at 7:30 p.m.

Work, Career and Womanhood
Our friend Carolyn McCulley will be here July 20 to help married and single women alike see their call to work as image bearers of God. She’ll be sharing insights from a new book she’s writing on how the concept of “image-bearing” intersects with the priorities of home, family, church and career.  Carolyn says: “If we understand the dominion mandate (Genesis 1:28) rightly, we will stop thinking that our labors somehow define us and will start thinking that our labors exist as an expression of divine love and care. Thus the woman who labors as a mother of small children or a childless woman who labors in an office are both fulfilling the dominion mandate if they are working not to adorn themselves but to adorn the gospel.”

Carolyn brings this needed perspective as a nationally known speaker and author on biblical womanhood. Over the last few years she has added “entrepreneur” to her resume with the start up of a documentary film company.  We know questions can abound for women who are either working in the home or in a career, and we believe this talk will bring a greater biblical clarity to those questions. 

Imaging Christ in Servant Leadership
Men are called to be leaders.  Men are called to be servants.  But why?  If you’re like me you’ve probably had that thought.  Kevin Rogers will bring Scripture’s answer to this question at our “Built on the Word” event, Friday, July 20, at 7:30 p.m.  His message will be geared to single men and look at how Christ perfectly imaged God as both leader and servant.  Guys, do yourself, the church and the world a favor by coming out to this teaching.

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Can a non-single attend too?

By Angelita Lotinsky on 07/01/2012

Non-singles are welcome to attend! Thanks for asking Angelita.

By Tery on 07/05/2012

Will this be available online as an audio file?

By Ginger on 07/11/2012

Hi Ginger, audio from both meetings will be recorded & posted a couple days after the event at

By Tery on 07/12/2012

Is there a cost for the meeting?

By Rebecca on 07/12/2012

There is no charge or registration for the event!

By Tery on 07/12/2012

The women’s event says married and single, but the men’s one says specifically single.  Is there a reason for this?  Thanks!

By Mindy Mayhew on 07/14/2012


Thanks for catching this. I changed the wording above. You’re right. It was confusing!

By Don Nalle on 07/14/2012
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