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Comments on Referendum Petition

May 21 2012 at 4:24 pm 3 Comments

Yesterday in church, Mark Mitchell took a few moments to speak with us as a congregation about the issue of Same Sex “Marriage” in Maryland:

Mark briefly described the background: that the Maryland legislature approved a bill in February redefining marriage to include same-sex couples, and that organizers have launched a statewide effort to gather qualified signatures for a petition in order to place this issue on a referendum ballot. He went on to talk about how Covenant Life members can sign the petition and other ways the church will speak to the questions that arise out of this important biblical and moral issue.


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Mark Mitchell (again) has done an outstanding job graciously addressing a sensitive issue from the Sunday Morning pulpit.  I very much appreciate the pastors’ efforts to face difficult issues head on from the pulpit, but at the same time, care for real people whose opinions run the spectrum.

Personally, I tend to stay out of political issues and avoid the liberal news media as much as I can.  I prefer to do what I can in my home and community to build and encourage Biblical family life.  I have found myself subconciously looking to the pastors—I know that when they speak up, this is an issue I need to pay attention to.

By Christina McSweeney on 05/21/2012

Thank you, Mark and Covenant Life, first for taking a Godly stand and then for helping our faith family live out and stand firm in the world. We look forward to hearing Josh speak on the subject of God’s word on marriage.  Thank you, Mark, for dealing with this subject with respect, dignity and firmness of faith. We continue to be blessed by our faith walk at Covenant Life! Betty and Lou Stavely

By Betty Stavely on 05/22/2012

Well said Mark and well done Covenant Life!

By Dominic Steele on 05/26/2012
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