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Constitution Plans 2013

January 14 2013 at 8:46 pm 3 Comments

Dear church,

We’ve prepared an updated webpage about our new church constitution to help you know what’s coming in the new year and give you a picture of the process we’ve walked through to date. We invite you to browse the information we’ve put together; we’ll keep updating it over the next few months to help you stay informed as we move into the final steps leading to ratification.

Two things are coming up next month that we’d like to highlight here: First, on February 1, we plan to make a new draft of the constitution available to the congregation. This draft will reflect changes made since the first public draft was distributed at the June 28 members meeting. Many of the changes have come in response to helpful feedback from members via e-mail, last summer’s Coffee and Conversation meetings, and dialogue at the “Constitution 101” Sunday classes last September. Thank you to everyone for your invaluable help!

Second, on February 10 at 6 p.m. we will be holding a Coffee and Conversation session to discuss the latest draft and receive your input. We invite every member to attend and engage with the thought, prayer and hard work that’s going into this important document.

If you would like to submit notes or feedback in advance of the meeting, please use the form below, or contact us directly. Your prayers, ideas and feedback are making a wonderful difference.

May God be glorified as we complete the constitution process!

The Pastoral Team

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Can a document be prepared detailing what changes have been made between the first and second drafts?


By Mike Krolick on 01/14/2013

Hi Mike,

The page detailing the changes is here:

Look for the tab that says, “Toward a Final Draft.”

Because there will be more discussion before the new draft is released on Feb. 1, there may be more changes coming. We will continue to update the page and make note of information that is new.


By Don Nalle on 01/15/2013

Here is the constitution question I was unable to submit to the registration form:

7.06.4 Removal or repositioning of Lead Pastor.  Joshua has literally been a Godsend to Covenant Life.  Yet the requirement that at least 66% of the governing board agree to reposition a lead pastor whose selection may later be proven to have been mistaken seems to be unnecessarily and dangerously high.  Other churches have found that it was too easy for their lead pastor to infuence the board in such a manner as to ensure that 66% requirement is never met.  For the case of repositioning, would not a lower number such as 50% be more appropriate for this case?

Secondly, what role would the Congregation have in repositioning or removing a lead pastor, or any pastor?  Might it not be profitable to consider allowing the Congregation to to at least formally petition the Governing Board in some manner?

By Joe Hersey on 01/22/2013
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