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Education Options

March 11 2010 at 5:43 pm 1 Comments

On Sunday, February 21, I took a few minutes to talk to the church about education options. My focus was on our sobering responsibility as parents to steward the hearts and minds of our children as we guide them through their school years, and on guarding our unity as different families choose different education paths. Above is the video of my comments.

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I realy appreciate your words and the spirit behind them about the pastors supporting the different education options for our children and that there are more than two options and that public school might be the right one. Thats radical compared to where we have been but consistent with where we are going on trying to be gospel living people. Jesus said we are in the world but not of it but sometimes I wonder if we are even in the world.

Peter Giglio

By Peter Giglio on 03/12/2010
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