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November 23 2011 at 10:40 am 3 Comments


This past Sunday Joshua announced how you can contribute to the mission of Covenant Life through the Go Forward Fund (GFF), outside of your normal giving. He announced four categories of giving—areas where we believe we can have a real ministry impact. However, he missed the fact that we actually have five funds that comprise the GFF! So, here they are again (with the additional category):

You may give to any of the categories below or to the Go Forward Fund as a whole (in which case funds will be allocated evenly across the five areas):

1. World Missions – will support a variety of mission and mercy activities worldwide such as the work at Rancho 3M and other mission trips
2. Unreached People Groups – will support work primarily in areas of the world where the gospel has never been preached; this includes areas such as North Africa and the 10/40 window.
3. Debt Reduction – will go toward accelerating the pay-down of the current church building loan
4. Church Planting / Leadership Development – will support domestic church planting, including theological training
5. Benevolence / Community Outreach – will support care and ministry in the local community as well as members in need

To contribute, simply write a check to “Covenant Life Church” and annotate “GFF” in the memo line. If you’d like to give to a specific category, indicate the category in the memo line as well. The Online Giving page of the church website has been updated to facilitate giving to these funds online. (Look for the “Fund” line where you can choose how to designate your giving.) Note that the website allows for giving by electronic check, but not credit card.

We are so grateful for your partnership in the gospel!

—Corby Megorden

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Thanks for these opportunities to give and for broadening our vision for missions and giving all to support the proclamation of the great and glorious Gospel. We are going through a season that can easily distract us from our primary mission so thanks for keeping us focused.
Your leadership at this time is greatly appreciated.

Peter Giglio

By Peter Giglio on 11/24/2011

What is the intended difference between category 1 and 2 in the GFF?

By Darrell Mordente on 11/27/2011

Darrell, thanks for the question.

The reason we didn’t lump the categories of “World Missions” and “Unreached People” together is that we wanted to maintain a focus on unreached parts of the world that are closed to the gospel—in particular the 10/40 window. We feel this is so important that we wanted it to have its own separate category and allow people the option of giving directly to that category.

The “Unreached People” category will go to work like North Africa, ministries like Access Partners and other work specifically focused on closed, often Muslim nations.

“World Missions” will go to work like Rancho 3M in Mexico, Uganda and funding short-term missions trips by members.

Hope this is helpful. Thanks!


By Joshua Harris on 11/28/2011
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