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Laytonia Girls Club Update

February 25 2013 at 10:44 am 1 Comments

Praise God for the opportunities he has given us to build relationships and share the love of Jesus Christ with neighbors from communities very close to Covenant Life. Here are three brief testimonies from members who are loving and serving families who live in Laytonia:

For the past three years, the Laytonia Girls Club has met in the summer months once a week. This year we decided to meet once a month on Saturdays ... throughout the year. Currently, we have 13 teenage girls and about five younger girls attending. We share the gospel through a testimony or short devotional with the older girls, and the younger girls will have Bible stories read to them along with a craft. We are grateful for this time with the girls and take every opportunity to interact with their moms when they come to pick them up. Through this interaction we have been able to invite them out to Iglesia Gracia Soberana. Gospel seeds are being planted with the girls and their moms.

A blessing to serve in Laytonia,


Laytonia Girls' ClubHaving the ability to serve in the Laytonia Girls Club has been a wonderful blessing. There have been many countless little things, such as seeing the ladies who volunteer work in unison, seeing mothers connecting with them, and the generosity of time and finances of the women who volunteer. On a personal level, I have had the delight to connect with the younger gals, so much so that I get text messages and phone calls from them. These girls are the oldest in their families ... not that I can fill that gap fully or perfectly ... but I get a chance to walk with them in their lives. They just want to talk and be heard. I hope to grow in deeper relationship with these girls and be used by God to share the gospel. I have had a blast!



I feel honored to have the support of these moms and their families. They didn’t know us when we began over three years ago, and they have trusted us to care for their girls during Girls Club. The moms love us; they have welcomed us as friends. I especially feel this now that they have allowed their younger daughters to participate! I feel blessed to give of my time and resources for these girls. My granddaughter looks forward to joining me on Saturdays. We have fun, and the truths of God as Creator and Savior are being taught. Seeds are being sown into their young hearts ... We want to welcome these girls as Jesus welcomes the children and blesses and loves them!


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So grateful that our Lord put this community on your hearts AND that you stepped out and took action!!! Living your faith and sharing it along the way like this…just loving the girls like He does….that’s what we’re all called to. Thanks for being women who act-it provokes me to make sure I am doing the same!

By Mary Foster on 02/25/2013
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