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Local Missions: Day 4 Update

July 13 2012 at 3:45 pm 3 Comments

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Here are photos from Thursday, day 4 of Local Missions Summer Outreach Week:

And a few brief comments from Outreach Week leader, Todd Keeler:

  • This year we are experiencing the highest level of attendance from neighborhood kids.
  • God has been bringing a wide range age range to our outreach (age 3 to 19). We are happy to see him bless us with meaningful conversations with the older teenagers in the neighboorhood. One of these teens came to a Bible study last night with some of the volunteers who invited him.
  • We are seeing kids be personally impacted by the Christ-centered lessons we teach on a daily basis. One 10-year-old girl was observed extending kindness towards other kids. When asked why she was doing this, she responded that she had been inspired by the example of Jesus as explained during the camp.
  • One mom in the neighborhood told the volunteers that she had never seen this many kids join a community activity. It is spectacular to know that adults in the community are affirming and commending our efforts.

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Todd Keeler does a magnificent job with this program. What a testimony to our community, and what an experience for our kids, learning to love those around them with the gospel and their lives. Thank you Todd!

By Kenneth Maresco on 07/13/2012

I hope to encourage all of the volunteers.  I heard the gospel at a similar summer camp when I was seven years old and have been walking with the Lord ever since.  That camp was life changing for me.

By Donna Banks on 07/13/2012

Today a mom I know that lives in Latonia said that her son and friends kid were driving her crazy earlier that day cause they kept asking if it was time for Joy camp! She said they have never begged her so much for something! Keep up the good work!

By Jenifer Weber on 07/13/2012
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