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Local Missions: Day 5 Update

July 14 2012 at 10:18 pm 1 Comments

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Todd Keeler had this final report from Day 5 of Outreach Week:

God has been so kind to us to give us the gift of partnering as the body of Christ to take the gospel “across the street” and be a small part of spreading God’s kingdom. It has been a great joy for me to work alongside so many youth and adults who love Jesus and have compassion for those who don’t know him.

Some highlights:

• The site leaders (Emory Grove – Neal Stuckenschneider;  Laytonia – Jacob Bozarth;  Washington Square – Chris Maresco) did an outstanding job this week leading the youth as they loved and taught the kids.

• Matt Maka served behind the scenes all week long cutting trees, mowing grass, washing dishes and grilling hot dogs.

• Dave Brewer, Scott Hendricks, and Brandon Quinones also helped cut trees to help clean up the neighborhoods after the storm damage.  This was a last-minute opportunity, and it really blessed the community.

• My wife LeAnne and her kitchen crew served behind the scenes planning, shopping and prepping to feed 80 people all week and 400 at two cookouts last night (may God send more to help with cookouts next year!)

• I am excited that we will have follow-up ministry opportunities in all three neighborhoods set for the rest of the summer and are planning for follow-up during the school year at four sites: Emory Grove, Laytonia, Washington Square, and South Lake Elementary School.  This will provide an opportunity for over 100 people to be involved on a weekly basis.

We are grateful that favor in the community is growing, and more and more opportunities for gospel ministry are presenting themselves as God guides us step by step.

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Todd, you and your team serving is honoring to God most of all.  He gets all the credit, but you also should be greatly encouraged for acting on this and being unselfish.  Have a great week Todd!

By Edwin Garay on 07/17/2012
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