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Preaching Schedule Update

March 20 2012 at 5:15 pm 1 Comments

In cased you missed it, Braden Greer took a minute this past Sunday to describe the preaching plans for the foreseeable future. Here’s what he shared (note his recommendation that we all set aside time to read Malachi this week):

This past Sunday Mark Mitchell wrapped up our How Church Works series with a message on Deacons. The Sunday after Easter, we will begin a one-and-a-half to two-year series on the Gospel of Matthew.  But for the two Sundays prior to Easter, we are going to whet our appetite for the coming of the Messiah in Matthew by briefly examining the book of Malachi

Malachi is the last book canonically in our Old Testament—meaning it’s the last in the order of the Old Testament books—but it is likely the last book chronologically as well. Malachi anticipates the coming of another prophet like Elijah and a greater realization of God’s promises.

But then after Malachi there was a 400+ year silence.  There were no prophets.  There was no Scripture written down for the people of God.  Had God forgotten his people?  Was he going to be faithful to his covenant promises?

Studying Malachi will help us place ourselves with the people of God as they waited for God’s vindication of his great name.

And then after an Easter Sunday message on the resurrection, we will celebrate the awaited Messiah as proclaimed in the book of Matthew.

We did a brief study of Luke in 2006 and a study in Mark in early 2000, so it’s been awhile since we’ve studied a gospel in depth together.  One of the great themes in Matthew is that Jesus is the Christ—the promised Messiah who fulfills all of the Old Testament promises and ushers in the Kingdom of God as God’s own unique Son.  This is why we are studying Malachi first and then Matthew—to behold God’s unique Son who fulfills all righteousness through his life, teaching, healing, and through his death and resurrection.

Please set aside time to read the book of Malachi this week in preparation for our study together.  It’s only four chapters, but I believe it will deepen our experience of Christ through his Word together.

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I so appreciate update reminders like this. I would like to see a place where folks could make brief comments in blog style of how the sermon affected us. Doing this could perhaps be a way we could help each other see things that perhaps we missed. I think it would help all of us be more stimulated, excited, and looking forward to Sunday messages. I think this post here is great but I wonder how many will actually read it? If this was done consistently, I think a lot of folks would read it. What a great idea to suggest reading Malachi before the meeting - I plan to but it would not have crossed my mind without this encouragement. Also, I would never have bought the book JESUS ACCORDING TO SCRIPTURE had Robin not reviewed it. I saw a great quote from GOSPEL WAKEFULNESS in Of First Importance, but if Kevin had not reviewed it, I wouldn’t have known it was available in our bookstore.

I remember us going through MARK together and it scared me a little that that was over 10 years ago (would be nice if that was available in an MP3 (maybe it is). But that makes me want to say that putting Pete Giglio’s encouragement on this blog was awesome because Moses got it right : Teach us to number our days.” I thought MARK was done 5 years ago.

Anyway, thank you for using this blog outlet for His purposes and keeping connected with us to encourage us to run this race together as best we can for His glory.

By Paul Kellen on 03/22/2012
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