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Resources on Same-Sex “Marriage”

June 11 2012 at 7:01 pm 2 Comments

In his message yesterday Joshua Harris reminded us that Christians need to think carefully about what it means to love our neighbors as we take a stand on the issue of so-called same-sex “marriage.”

Mark Mitchell has compiled a list of helpful articles and videos that speak to this subject:

On the church’s response to homosexuality and same-sex “marriage”:

On the definition of marriage:

  • Sherif Girgis, Robert George and Ryan T. Anderson, “What is Marriage?” Social Science Research Network

On the important connection between marriage and children:

On biological tendencies toward homosexuality

Look for audio and an outline of Joshua’s message in the Resource Library.

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Here is a link to another good resource that just came out yesterday.

By Steve Plaisted on 06/12/2012

I appreciate the way that Josh Harris and our other pastors love and support us who struggle personally against same sex attraction, patiently encouraging us to deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Jesus. I have seen CLC pastors publicly and privately doing as Kevin DeYoung recommends in the above link:

“We will ask for forgiveness when we are rude, thoughtless, or joke inappropriately about homosexuals.”
“We will strive to be a community that welcomes all those who hate their sin and struggle against it, even when that struggle involves failures and setbacks.”

This can be a lonely struggle at times, but I thank God that at CLC I have not lacked Christian love and friendship that I have needed!

By Marshall Reel on 06/24/2012
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