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Impacting a Global Campus for Jesus

December 2 2013 at 12:33 pm 1 Comments

OneU-MC (Montgomery College) team leader Angel Cabrera recently shared his gratitude with the pastors and staff for their support of the new campus ministry, citing two stories of God’s faithfulness to reach students through OneU-UMD’s ministry (The University of Maryland). Check out his letter below and the OneU website to learn more about OneU and support its mission to impact a global campus for Jesus.

Dear Covenant Life,

Because of your generous gift to OneU, I am now able to fully give myself to the MC campus! Thank you! I am beyond grateful for you. I am excited for this first semester of investing into the campus.

One of the main reasons our team views MC as strategic is because of its international student population. There are 168 nations represented at MC! What a joy to be able to partner with what God is calling us to do globally through a local campus.

I also wanted to share two stories that have recently come in from the University of Maryland (UMD) team. I pray that we will have similar stories to share from MC as we begin to infiltrate that campus with the gospel:

The first story is of an Islamic exchange student and his wife who lived near our staff. We would have dinners, Bible studies, and simple times of fun with them. They had complications with their twins (who were born pre-maturely), so our team of staff and students would regularly come together to help meet their practical needs. This couple was dumbfounded as to why we would do this … and it allowed for even more gospel conversations. We told them that because we have received the ultimate gift in Jesus, we were free to give our material possessions to those in need.

This student recently sent our team a message that he is reading a Bible that he keeps hidden in his clothes now that he’s back in his homeland. He is also currently reading “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis and wants to Skype with us to converse more about Christianity and the Trinity. Isn’t this awesome?

Recently, a Lebanese missionary ministering in another Muslim nation was beaten with a rod for sharing the gospel. While we pray for bold missionaries to be developed and deployed in all nations that are closed to the gospel, we are actively doing what we can to reach them right here in our backyard. Please continue to pray for our efforts and the efforts of the men and women who boldly proclaim Christ in-country.

We also had the opportunity to befriend and share the gospel with a student from China. She would faithfully come out to our weekly “Story of God” study and as a result of the Spirit’s work, placed her faith in Jesus last fall. We were able to have a lot of conversations with her about not only embracing her faith in the Savior, but taking this good news to her own country as well.

Recently, she sent us an e-mail saying that she has been sharing her faith with her family in Asia. Her mother has started attending a local church after seeing tangible ways that the gospel has transformed her daughter’s life. Praise the Lord!

My prayer is that we would hit the 168 nations represented at MC with a movement only the gospel and the Spirit could get the credit for.

Thank you for your gifts, your partnership and your prayers!


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Such encouraging stories! Yes- we do pray with you that Jesus would use the MC ministry to touch many other lives in a powerful way for His Glory in all nations!
May God bless you all and give you His grace and wisdom.
Sue Robb

By Sue Robb on 12/03/2013
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