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The Nations Are Here: El Salvador

July 23 2012 at 6:00 pm 5 Comments

As Christians, our mission is to make disciples of all nations. We’re blessed to live in an area where approximately 30% of our residents were born in another country; so in a very real sense, the nations are right here on our doorstep. This is something we should celebrate and an opportunity we should seize in order to show Christ’s love, pursue relationships and share the gospel.

To that end, we will be highlighting a different cultural group in our county every few months, so we can learn more about them and pray for our interactions with them.

This past Sunday, we highlighted the Salvadorans in our culture, many of whom attend our own church. We asked a member in our church, Oscar Pinto, to share a little about his culture:

After the service we passed out cards with simple prayer points to remind us all to pray for Salvadorans (more are available at the Welcome Center if you missed them). We can pray that:

  • more would come to know Christ
  • Salvadorans would experience freedom from fear through the gospel
  • those seeking employment would find steady work to provide for their families
  • Salvadorans would experience unity and overcome differences rooted in El Salvador’s civil war

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Just brilliant. I am very grateful for Mr.Pinto speaking. Absolute blessing, I’ve lived in this area all of my life. El Salvador is here in Montgomery county!
Thanking God for uniting the church, and valuing each other, as we seek to make disciples of all nations.

By Cindy on 07/23/2012

Just wanted to say thank you for the series “the Nations are here” which will feature the (sometimes forgotten) diversity of CLC’s members along with prayer points.

Continuing to pray for our pastors and our church.

By Johnnilyn Kutten on 07/23/2012

I especially liked what Oscar said about how whenever a convert is made that is an immigrant here, a missionary is also made because so many internationals have extended family and friends in their original country that they regularly visit.  So the Word is spread “to the ends of the earth.”

Love living in a county that has become a crossroads of the world.  Love belonging to a church that actually reflects that!

By Jeannie Shenk on 07/25/2012

That’s well said, Jeannie. Oscar’s words built my faith for sure.

By Don Nalle on 07/25/2012

Thank you.
I am Salvadoran, I live in San Salvador, my best friend told me about his prayers for the gospel to our country, with tears in my eyes, I say that I thank you very much.
Knowing Jesus Christ has been the best in my life has been so wonderful, I hope more and more people share his love, we need.

I would like to go to your church ... I hope God allows me

Gracias Dios, por tu infita misericordia

By Guillermo Chorro on 08/02/2012
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