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Topic: Homosexuality


Date Feb 2, 2014 Speaker Ben Wikner Marriage as God Intended It

Series: Matthew: The Life and Words of Jesus Part 54

Format: Audio & Video

God intended marriage for goodness, love, intimacy of relationship, holiness, and…

Meeting Sunday Service Matthew 19:1-12 
Date Jun 10, 2012 Speaker Joshua Harris Such Were Some of You

Format: Audio

Gender, sexuality, and the union of man and wife in marriage…

Meeting Sunday Service 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 
Date Jan 8, 2012 Speakers Braden Greer, John Garza Marriage by God’s Design

Format: Audio

Why and how should Christians strive to uphold marriage as defined…

Meeting Other  
Date May 29, 2011 Speaker Braden Greer Genes in the News: Inoculating our Faith from Inferences from Popular Science

Series: Science and Faith Part 9

Format: Audio

Our faith should not be shaken by new scientific discoveries or…

Meeting Sunday Classes  
Date Jan 14, 2007 Speaker Joshua Harris Resisting Lust

Series: Purity Part 2

Format: Audio

Joshua Harris continues the series on purity and leads us in…

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