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Seeking a Sign

October 2 2013 at 12:30 pm 3 Comments

sign preparation

If you drive by the church and see a blank sign over the next couple of days, fear not! We haven’t planned a surprise change of our church’s name or anything like that! We’re just updating the service time to 10 a.m., and while we’re at it, putting up the revised church logo (just like the one at the top of this webpage). The sign should be finished by either this weekend or next depending on weather and other factors.

You could just say we needed to RE:NEW the sign. ;)

P.S. Thanks to Facilities staffers Howard Anderson and Dan Preston (pictured) and John York (not pictured) for getting things ready for the new look.

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I’m grateful for everyone’s efforts to make this change happen.  I have been curious, though…why did we ever switch from the triangle to the square?

By Marianne Linn on 10/02/2013

Marianne: Great question. I think the old logo served us very well for over a decade. Over the last few years, as we began trying to employ the logo in venues like social media, our mobile app, on iTunes for our sermon podcast, etc., we began to see a need to update it. The overall footprint—the combination of the words and the logo mark—did not work very well in some of these contemporary applications. Also, as we went through several design refreshes of the church homepage over time, we concluded that a cleaner, more contemporary font treatment and a different logo shape would work better. Basically, what we were asking of the logo changed big time from 2002 to now. I hope this helps!

By Don Nalle on 10/02/2013

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By keijo on 10/07/2013
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