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Joshua Harris To Attend Regent College


Author: Jason Cunningham

Category: Pastors

News Release

During Sunday services at Covenant Life Church this morning, Joshua Harris announced that later this spring he will step down from his role as lead pastor of Covenant Life Church in order to attend seminary at Regent College in Vancouver, B.C. Currently, he plans to study at Regent for at least a year.

As preparation for fruitfulness in the next years of his ministry, Joshua believes he needs to step away from the responsibilities of senior leadership and seek to grow through formal studies.

As the elders of Covenant Life, we wholeheartedly support Joshua in this decision. We are excited for him and the ministry opportunities we expect God will open for him. He has served the people of Covenant Life with faithfulness and distinction for 17 years, always pointing us to the glory of God revealed in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, our unbridled enthusiasm for Joshua’s future is mixed with a deep sense of loss and sadness to see him go.

Joshua will be actively involved here through mid-April in his roles as elder and preacher and will then continue to participate in Covenant Life as a member until he relocates in June. He will go west with the love and blessing of the elders and congregation of Covenant Life. We look forward to maintaining our relationship so that we can continue to partner as the Lord leads.

The Elders of Covenant Life Church

Full video and text of Joshua’s remarks are available here on the blog.


  1. Albert Turner


    May the Lord bless Josh and CLC.  Love this church and this pastor.

  2. Ana Maria Jimenez


    Dear Joshua,

    I am thrilled that you are being sent by our Savior.

    It will be an exciting opportunity for you and your family to be away in such a beautiful country. Besides, the fact that you are going to learn afresh from other scholars.

    Go Joshua, fly high above the skies with the wind beneath HIS WINGS!!!!

    Thank you for always encouraging me and taking care of my soul.

    I thank you for reaching out to Pablo Zalduondo too, he finally graduated from Maryland with honors and is planning to get married to a wonderful, godly woman.

    Blessings always!!!!

  3. Patricia Ellis-Davis


    Dear Joshua and Family:

    I take this moment to commend you for listening to the Lord God, for complete direction of your call as His disciple. Though you are only 40 yrs. young, you remind me of Moses. God called him, he listens, did what he was called to do! I am glad God has called you, while you are still young. You will do His will wonderfully.

    Pastor, thank you for your leadership. Thanks for all the sermons. I have learned much from you. Praise God for His guidance of you, leading us during CLC’s most difficult season. Thank you for the heartfelt care, you displayed to us all, especially during the last two years.

    Pastor, as you lead your family, while studying at Regent, please know, we as His servants, will be praying for Shannon, each of your three children, and you each week. May your studies prepare you for the ministry God is seeking you to do.

    We love you, Joshua, and your family. Walk forever close to Him!

    We’re Forever in HIS care,

    Patricia Ellis-Davis & crew

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