Student Life Overview

The church and parents partnering to make disciples of
the next generation

Preschool to High School

Student Life is Covenant Life’s ministry to the next generation, encompassing children and students from newborns through high school. For each age group, our mission is the same: to help the next generation become disciples of Jesus Christ who worship God, love one another and spread the good news they’ve received.

We believe Scripture makes clear that parents are the primary disciple-makers in the lives of their children, and therefore Student Life seeks to partner with parents in the discipleship process. We throw the door wide open for parents to participate in the ministry and seek to support moms and dads with solid teaching and high-quality resources.

Singing praises to God during Discovery Land worship time

Singing praises to God during Discovery Land worship time

Children's Ministry (Discovery Land)

Discovery Land is our Sunday morning ministry to care for children newborn through 5th grade while seeking to build a gospel-centered foundation. In our Sunday classes, we teach from the Scriptures in fun, age-appropriate ways, helping children learn who their Heavenly Father is and what He has done for us in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

(1st-5th Grade)

Each Sunday morning in Adventure, students sing Christ-centered songs. The teacher of the day imparts the Gospel Project lesson, and the Treehouse Gang creative teams supports the day’s lesson with engaging skits. Students also learn about missions around the world. After the Gospel Project lesson is taught, we encourage community is encouraged by gathering at tables, where volunteers lead a small group in age-appropriate discussion and activities based on the week’s message. Every week, students take home discussion starter materials for parents to engage with students about the lesson.

Middle School (6th-8th grades)

Middle Schoolers gather every Wednesday night for worship, games, teaching and small groups meant to help every student grow in knowing God. We encourage parents to participate on Wednesday nights, especially in this critical season of life when parents encounter both increasing challenges and opportunities in discipling their children.

High School
(9th-12th Grades)

Covenant Life has students from over 15 area high schools as well as homeschool and Christian school environments. With these varied backgrounds in mind, we encourage student interaction through events and social gatherings throughout the year. We continue the work of making and maturing disciples of Christ by teaching Scripture faithfully and looking for every opportunity to apply God’s Word to the challenging world teens and their families live in.

The High School ministry gathers every Wednesday night for gospel-centered worship, Bible teaching and small group discussion. Parents are welcome to all our events, as we continue to recognize the unique call they have to lead their children and help build Christian community among students.

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