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Ricardo Flores: Introducing God Testimony

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Margaret Cintron and The Armor of God: Introducing God Testimony

Margaret's life had been full of pain that caused her years of grief. One day, she received a message from God, a God with whom she still did not have a relationship. Her amazement drew her closer and now she's an avid follower of Jesus and leader...

Ricardo Flores: Introducing God Testimony

Ricardo's life before knowing God was reflective of his beliefs. He came to God with lots of questions and found hope and change. His powerful testimony is just a window into the power and love of God.

Delmy Martinez: Introducing God Testimony

Delmy's son's life was changing, and he wanted his parents to know the love of God. At first, she wanted to keep him company, but she discovered a new life, and the peace she had been seeking.

Romeo Martinez: Introducing God Testimony

Romeo was skeptical, but curious about why his son was so interested in going to an evangelical church on Sundays. He decided to follow along, and encountered the best opportunity he has ever had.

Sharon Harvey: Introducing God Testimony

Sharon shares how God was working in her life to the point of bringing her to Introducing God back in 2013. Thanks to Him, she accepted Jesus as her Savior during this program. She was able to find answers to difficult questions, which had surfaced...

Stephanie Palmer: A Story of Light in Darkness

Stephanie Palmer shares her experience with pain, yet the continuous redemption she's found in Jesus and in community. She hopes her vulnerability will encourage others to speak out about their pain and know that they are definitely not alone in...

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