Women's Ministry

Women are uniquely called and gifted to reflect the beauty of the gospel. We want every woman to experience the deep and abiding love of the triune God, have a firm grasp on the gospel of Jesus Christ, grow in understanding and handling Scripture, be inspired to grow throughout her varying seasons of life, and employ her individual gifts to love and serve others—in the church, home, workplace and community.

The Women’s Ministry complements other ministries of Covenant Life and provides opportunities to build friendships, teach and learn from one another, and warmly invite guests to participate.

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4Front Moms

Mornings Out for Moms with Little Kids

Your Life, Right Now

4Front Moms is for moms of young kids who want to be using their life right now—with all its limitations and opportunities—to help fulfill the Great Commission.

Jesus said: "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations...

In our periodic “Mornings Out” meetings we come together to grow in our vision for reaching our neighbors with the gospel—and to pray and learn from others and get more insight and equipping for how we can do it. And network with other moms for support and partnership as we and our kiddos go out to engage those around us.

Please join us and consider with other moms of little ones how we can live our little years out there building gospel friendships.

Next Morning Out

Thursday, July 19 | 9:30AM

As the winter melts and the neighbors emerge like daffodils, let's seize opportunities to reach those around us with the love of Christ!

Come join other moms of little ones for a morning of seeking the Lord together, praying for one another, and considering together how we can use this season to love our neighbors in the midst of the life God's given us.