Women's Ministry

Women are uniquely called and gifted to reflect the beauty of the gospel. We want every woman to experience the deep and abiding love of the triune God, have a firm grasp on the gospel of Jesus Christ, grow in understanding and handling Scripture, be inspired to grow throughout her varying seasons of life, and employ her individual gifts to love and serve others—in the church, home, workplace and community.

The Women’s Ministry complements other ministries of Covenant Life and provides opportunities to build friendships, teach and learn from one another, and warmly invite guests to participate.



1 and 2 Peter: Living Hope in a Hard World


Peter's Epistles are a rallying cry for hope. Written to a young church facing intensifying persecution, they showcase the living hope of the gospel even in the midst of trials and tribulation. Through the themes of suffering, the transformative power of God, spiritual authority, false teachers, and the last days, Peter directs us to the God who is faithful in our trials, working them for his glory and for our good.


Teachers: Lissa Allen, Cara Wilcox
Dates: April 7-May 19, 2024
Time: Sundays, 9-10am
Where: Covenant Life Church
Format: Interactive, with discussions and some homework
Required Book: 1–2 Peter: Living Hope in a Hard World, Lydia Brownback

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