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Adoption & Foster Care, Child Dedications, Youth Baptism, Father-Son Discipleship

Adoption Assistance Fund

Adoption is a picture of the way our heavenly Father has adopted us into His family. John 3:1 says, 'See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God, and so we are.' God has welcomed us into His family, and so we can welcome others into ours.

—Ken & Rachel

The Adoption Assistance Fund is a benevolence fund for members of Covenant Life Church who are pursuing adoption and would benefit from financial assistance due to the high costs involved.

The Adoption Committee, a group of members who have personal experience with adoption and/or a heart to serve prospective adoptive parents, reviews the applications and recommends how to disburse available funds. Covenant Life Church also works with an administrative partner, Lifesong for Orphans, that helps oversee the process and supports families as they walk through adoption.

To request an application please email Amy Merryman.

Child Dedications

Significance of Child Dedication

Two Sundays each year, the church family joins with parents in celebrating the precious gift of children and committing to raise them to know and follow Jesus Christ (Ephesians 6:4, Proverbs 22:6).

In dedicating your children, you'll acknowledge several biblical truths as a parent:

  • That your children are a gift from God entrusted to you by God
  • That you are called to believe the gospel and set an example for your children of life and conduct befitting the gospel
  • Your children are to be brought up with great affection in the loving discipline and instruction of the Lord
  • You are to love your children deeply from the heart, continually affirming your love and God's love for them

How To Participate

Members of Covenant Life who have recently had a baby, welcomed an adopted child into their family, or have a young child who has never been dedicated are invited to dedicate their children to the Lord at the next Child Dedication during our Sunday service. 

Next Child Dedication Sunday - TBD

Questions? Email Diana Hendrick.

Youth Baptism

Baptism is for the individual who has professed faith in the atoning work of Jesus Christ and become his disciple. Being completely covered in water is a symbol of sharing in Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. It signifies that the individual has died with Christ and been raised to new life, with a transformed heart, free of the mastery of sin.

Baptism is a visual representation to God, the world and the church that a person has become part of an eternal community of believers based on their professed faith in the perfect work of Jesus Christ.  

Candidates for Baptism Should Be Able To:

  • Clearly communicate their faith in Jesus Christ for salvation and the message of the gospel.
  • Demonstrate a desire to live a life “fully pleasing to him” (Col. 1:10), obeying all that Jesus commanded.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to repent of sin and to turn away from the world.
  • Increasingly exhibit the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23) and progress in spiritual maturity.

​If you're a student who would like to be baptized or a parent inquiring on behalf of your child, please contact Andi Alonso for more information.

Father-Son Discipleship

Dads & their sons (grades 1-6) growing with God and one another

Christian Service Brigade

*More details to come for 2020-2021*

Looking for ways to help your son get excited about following Jesus? The Christian Service Brigade (CSB) Program of Covenant Life Church provides an active setting where fathers and sons (grades 1-6) can deepen their relationship with each other and with God. Along with fun and games, boys participate in a variety of scouting-like activities that help them grow physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

The success of the program depends on fathers participating actively by spending time with their sons as well as by serving in other capacities during events. Sons of single moms are also encouraged to participate, with leadership provided by a “big brother” or by other fathers in the program.

Semi-Monthly Meetings

From October to August, CSB meets twice a month on Monday nights, generally during the first and third weeks. Grouped by age in “posts” like the "Wolverines" or "Fighting Falcons," boys work on achievements, listen to a brief teaching, meet with their dads for one-on-one application, and play large-group games. CSB also offers monthly activities on Saturdays including hikes, campouts, bike trips, visits to historic sites, pool parties, and service projects. Every winter boys and dads compete in the Shape ‘n Race Derby (or equivalent activity).

Annual Camp Hemlock Retreat

The high point of the year is in August when we hold our annual father-son retreat at Hemlock Wilderness Brigade Camp (Wardensville, WV). For three days boys get to shoot slingshots, build fires, swim in the pool, learn gun safety, and compete on the archery and rifle range. Boys and dads serve together, play together, pray together, and of course soak each other with water balloons. Camp Hemlock is the highlight of the year for many boys and their dads.


For more information, email the Christian Service Brigade. All fathers and sons, grades 1-6, are welcome! Church membership is not required.

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