Girls Club

Moms & Daughters (grades 1-6) Growing in Christ and Building Community

Looking for a way to help your daughters grow in Christ?

The Girls Club of Covenant Life Church provides opportunities for mothers and daughters (grades 1-6) to come together to grow in Christ and build a sense of community. Our goal is for moms and daughters to deepen their relationship with each other and with God. Along with fun and games, girls engage in a variety of activities including arts and crafts, bible studies, field trips, etc. 

The success of the program depends on moms participating actively by spending time with their daugthers as well as by serving in other capacities during events. Daughters of single dads are also encouraged to participate, with leadership provided by a “big sister” or by other moms in the program.

This is a new initiative and we are eager for help! Contact us.

Next Event – September 30 – Game Night!

For further details please email here

Upcoming Date: October 28, 6:30pm

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