Discovery Land Grand Reopening

New for 2021-2022

LeAnne Keeler, Covenant Life's Children's Ministry director, explained changes coming to children's programs at a recent Members Meeting. This article summarizes her comments and explains how you can get involved.

Sunday Classes and Discovery Land Children's Ministry

The culture of this world is shouting at us constantly and can reach us instantly in the devices in our pockets. Sometimes it speaks truth. Often it does not. How can Christians walk worthy of the gospel in such information noise? By knowing the truth of the Bible and applying it faithfully in our relationships and daily decisions.

To that end, we introduce Sunday Classes, a classic-but-new way to renew our minds and learn to live for the Lord. Our all-new Sunday Classes will provide Bible teaching and application on a variety of topics and will be available for everyone, including adults, middle and high-school students, and children.

Discovery Land, our children's ministry, will be an essential part of the Sunday Classes program. We will offer age-appropriate Bible teaching for kids ages 6 months to fifth grade.

Sunday Classes will be offered before the Sunday Service from 9:15-10:00am starting on September 12. We are excited that everyone will get to participate together.

A "New" Family Experience on Sundays

With the addition of Sunday Classes, families with children will experience growing discipleship and fellowship opportunities each week.

What will it look like?
  • Families arrive early to complete secure check-in for their children. – Suggested time is 9:00am!
  • Parents attend a Sunday Class of their choice as their children receive age-appropriate Bible teaching in their Discovery Land classes. – 9:15am-10:00am
  • Parents pick up their children after Sunday Classes and enjoy fellowship and coffee in the lobby. – 10:00am-10:30am
  • Parents with children 5 years old and younger can drop them off to KidZone child care for the second part of the morning. – 10:15am
  • Families worship together in the Sunday Service. – 10:30am-11:45am
  • Families pick up their children from Discovery Land KidZone. – After Sunday Service

There are Now Three Ways to Serve Children and Families

1. Discovery Land Sunday Classes

Do you have a heart to teach and disciple children?

You could be a pivotal part of our Sunday Classes leadership by teaching or assisting in Discovery Land Sunday Classes. Discovery Land Sunday Classes volunteers will serve every Sunday for eight months of the year. As a teacher or assistant you will invest in a specific group of children over a longer period, building relationships, answering those awesome kid questions, and having fun together.

All Discovery Land Sunday Classes will use the Gospel Project curriculum which includes lesson plans, games and crafts, and multimedia material. This resource will make class preparation simple and enjoyable. Of course, creativity is encouraged as teachers have time and inclination, but the curriculum will do most of the work.


Summary of Serving Opportunity

  • What: Teachers and Assistants

  • Who We Serve: Children ages 6 months to fifth grade

  • When: 9:15-10:00am every Sunday, eight months of the year

  • Who Can Serve: Adults of all ages and seasons of life who want to shape the future of the church 


2. Discovery Land KidZone

Do you want to enable parents of young children to worship in the Sunday Service?

The Discovery Land KidZone team will provide basic child care for children 5 years old or younger during the Sunday Service. KidZone volunteers will care for and befriend children in a casual environment of games, play, toys, and videos.

KidZone volunteers will serve once per month through the entire year. Teenagers are welcome to volunteer and can accumulate community service hours. The church requests that parents of children in this age group serve once a month.


Summary of Serving Opportunity: 

  • What: KidZone Child Care Volunteers

  • Who We Serve: Children ages 6 months to five years old

  • When: 10:30am-11:45am, once per month, all year

  • Who Can Serve: Adults and teens who want to enable other parents to attend the Sunday Service. The church requests that parents of children who attend KidZone serve one per month. 



3. Discovery Land Support Teams

Do you love kids but prefer to serve behind the scenes?

We are also looking for volunteers for security, help desk, supply team and information technology. Volunteers on these teams will serve once a month of the year during both the Sunday Classes and Sunday Service.


Summary of Serving Opportunity: 

  • What: Discovery Land Support Team Volunteers

  • Who We Serve: Children ages 6 months to fifth grade, their parents, and others serving as teachers and KidZone volunteers

  • When: 9:15am-11:45am, once per month, all year

  • Who Can Serve: Adults and teens who like to serve behind the scenes.


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