A Sermon Series in 2 Peter

When friends, family members, and even respected church leaders fall away from the faith, it is deeply sad and painful. But the reality is that we are all tempted to compromise our faith in one way or another. We are all in danger of stumbling in our faith.

Peter understood this well. After all, he was the one who denied Christ three times. So he wrote 2 Peter to not only help us stand firm in our faith but grow in our faith.

Therefore, brothers, be all the more diligent to confirm your calling and election, for if you practice these things you will never fall – 2 Peter 1:10

We'll explore several ways we can grow in our faith:

  • Grow in the light of grace.
  • Grow in accord with truth.
  • Grow despite opposition.
  • Grow with hope.
  • Grow with diligence.



Part 1 – Put Grace to Work – Kevin Rogers. See the grace you have and put it to work. 

Part 2 – Pay Confident Attention to Scripture – Todd Keeler. God himself wrote Scripture, interpreted it, and confirmed it. Therefore, we should pay confident attention to what it says, what it means, and what it requires.

Part 3 – False Teachers – Kevin Rogers. False teaching is hazardous to your spiritual health. Peter cautions us that false teachers emerge from within the church, peddle spiritual novelty, and deal deceitfully.

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