Care & Counseling

How to Get Help

The church of Jesus Christ is called to care for, admonish, serve, teach, comfort, encourage, and pray for one another. Relationships are to be a rich source of supply for all forms of care and counsel. Practically this happens at Covenant Life Church in a variety of ways, starting with friends and family. 

To help facilitate these relationships, we encourage all members to be part of a small group, which becomes a primary source of relational and practical care. Bible studies, book studies, prayer groups, Sunday classes and ministry groups provide other contexts for care, instruction and support.

For those experiencing seasons of severe grief, difficulty or trial, Stephen Ministry provides gender specific, one-on-one, confidential care. Trained lay caregivers meet for an hour weekly for as long as needed, to provide spiritual and emotional support.

Pastors and church leaders are available for counsel when walking through varied challenges of life.

Finally, Covenant Life refers to, and encourages making use of, licensed professional Christian counselors in the area.

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