Premarital Ministry

God Created Marriage

God ordained marriage as a covenantal union between one man and one woman. Marriage was established at creation and affirmed by the Lord Jesus. A marriage ceremony is a celebration of the Lord’s work in the lives of a man and a woman. It's our delight as a church to support that celebration.

Weddings at Covenant Life

Generally speaking, Covenant Life Church facilities and pastors are available for weddings of church members only, but an exception may be made for non-members who attend and participate in the life of the church. All those interested in being married at Covenant Life and/or who request a Covenant Life pastor to officiate their wedding must assent to our Statement of Faith and agree to complete the premarital program.

Premarital Program

  1. Meet with a Pastor

    Meeting with a pastor allows him to get to know you as a couple (and you him), answer questions you may have, and provide counsel if needed. It's also a time to discuss the church's convictions on marriage and expectations for couples getting married at Covenant Life.

    • To schedule the meeting, email contact us. 
    • Please complete the online Marriage Questionnaire and submit it one week before your pastoral meeting.

  2. Listen to Premarital Lessons

    We have designed five lessons on the biblical principles of marriage utilizing the messages and materials below. 

    Audio Messages

         • Life, Marriage, and the Glory of God
         • Embracing God’s Design
         • Loving One Another
         • Loving One Another Through Conflict
         • Sex Without Children
         • Sex According to God’s Plan

    Written Materials

         • Lesson packet with session notes and application questions
         • The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller
         • What’s the Difference? by John Piper
         • Intended for Pleasure by Ed Wheat
         • Materials cost: $50

  3. Premarital Counseling

    We'll connect you with a couple who serve as counselors in the church's premarital ministry. These couples are equipped to lead through the material addressed in the seminars and answer questions related to marriage. Our goal is for each engaged couple to meet with their counselors two or three times prior to their wedding.

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