His Passion, Our Power

How Christ Gives Life to the Church

Passion: the suffering and death of Jesus
Power: strength; a source or means of supplying energy

The night before Jesus was arrested, his first twelve disciples fought for position, slept through prayer, and cowered in fear. But just a few weeks later, they were preaching to thousands, standing up to persecution, and growing daily. The events of those weeks between changed everything.

Join us starting March 7 as we trace those transformative events from the suffering of the Son to the sending of the Spirit in Luke and Acts. 

As we journey from Good Friday to Pentecost, we’ll see not only how Christ transformed them, but how he continues to give life to his church today by the Holy Spirit.

Sermon Review

March 7 – God in the Dock – Kevin Rogers

If Jesus uses the same standards to judge me that I’ve used to judge him, will I be acquitted?

March 14 – The Crucifixion of the Christ – Robin Boisvert

At a certain time and in a certain place, a space-time event occurred. A certain man, a God-man was crucified and died. Significant? World-changing? Nothing else comes even close. Nothing is more important than this.

March 21 – Reckon with the Cross – Kevin Rogers

Heaven, Jesus, and the onlookers responded to the cross. How will you respond?

March 28 – The Burial of Jesus – Robin Boisvert

The burial of Jesus was an emphatic confirmation that Jesus was dead. Yet, after one dark Saturday, he would rise again.

April 4 – Convinced of the Resurrection – Kevin Rogers

There are only two responses to the resurrection: it is either an idle tale, or it is something we behold and then marvel.

April 11 – Meeting a Stranger – Robin Boisvert

Jesus comes to each of us as a stranger, at first anyway. But when we believe what the Scriptures say about him, we see him in truth.

April 18 – Hidden in Plain Sight – Todd Keeler

We need God’s help to see God’s Son and God’s Word.

April 25 – The Ascension – Kevin Rogers

We must not only remember what Christ has done and look forward to what Christ will do. We must also think carefully about what Christ is doing right now, reigning at the right hand of the Father.

May 9 – Commission – Kevin Rogers

As long as there are people on planet earth who have not yet heard a witness to the resurrected Christ, we still have a mission.

May 16 – Preparation for Pentecost – Robin Boisvert

Jesus had ascended, but the Spirit had not yet descended. In the meantime the disciples learned the importance of obedience, waiting patiently, prayer, fellowship, and leadership.

May 23 – Power – Kevin Rogers

We will reach the nations and the generations when we stand as Christ’s witnesses, joyfully declaring the mighty acts of God in the power of the Holy Spirit.

May 30 – What Does This Mean? – Robin Boisvert

On Pentecost, Peter explained the coming of the Holy Spirit to the bewildered crowd. He preached that this Jesus—attested by God, crucified, raised, and exalted—is indeed both Lord and Christ.

June 6 – The Marks of the Apolostic Church – Robin Boisvert

Church life marked by the apostles’ teaching, fellowship, the breaking of bread, and prayer will result in a compelling witness to a world in search of hope.

Helpful Resources

Keep in Step with the Spirit, J.I. Packer – This book encourages believers to implement the Spirit's directives in their lives. Packer explains how to get the Spirit in focus and how to map the Spirit's path in life. 

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