Job Opportunities

Event Operations Staff

Part-Time, 10-20 Hours Per Week

Summary of Position

Event Staff is responsible for preparation and operation of event spaces, supporting both Covenant Life Church and Covenant Life School events.

Key Responsibilities
  • Event Preparation: Set up tables, chairs and other requested equipment in advance of events.
  • Event Cleanup: Clean up and put away resources when events conclude.
  • Custodial: Maintain cleanliness of the building.
  • Security: Support the security staff by conducting safety checks of the building and locking off unused zones of the building.

Qualifications and Proficiencies

  • Must be dependable, responsible, punctual, and self-motivated. 
  • Must possess good communication skills and be a strong team player.
  • Must be able to perform moderate physical labor including lifting and moving furniture.
  • Must pass a criminal background check and be approved to work with children.
  • Preferred: has a driver’s license and a clear driving record.

The Intangibles

  • The best event staff doesn’t consider it an inconvenience to be inconvenienced.
  • The best event staff is, himself, his most demanding boss and asks more of himself than he asks of anyone else.
  • The best event staff serves everyone without delay or complaint.
  • The best event staff surprises people by anticipating needs, being available, communicating actively, and exceeding expectations.
  • The best event staff works hard throughout a shift, finding ways to advance the goals of the church even on “slow” days.
  • The best event staff finds no task too lowly.
  • The best event staff remains connected to the goals of the church by reading all emails, studying the event calendar, reviewing checklists, and asking questions early when details are unclear.
  • The best event staff actively solves problems rather than “reporting” them for others to resolve.
  • The best event staff is unsettled by shortcuts, procrastination, messes, sitting around, or anything that isn’t perfect.
  • The best event staff remembers and is motivated by the fact that Jesus sees all and rewards even the simplest, most private act of service.

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to

Security Staff

Summary of Position

The Security Staff provides safety to the church and school by controlling building access and addressing safety concerns.

Key Responsibilities
  • Maintain a physical presence at the primary entrance to the building.
  • Enforce access restrictions to different areas of the building.
  • Monitor security cameras.
  • Greet and direct visitors, signing them in, and providing identification badges and escorts as necessary.
  • Communicating as necessary with management and law enforcement in crisis situations.


  • Experience in security-related work
  • Calm and decisive under pressure

Current Job Openings and Hours

We are currently interviewing for a position that may come open in the future. Subject to change, the anticipated open shifts are 12:00-8:00pm on Mondays and Fridays, 4:00pm-8:00pm on Tuesdays.

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to

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