Redeeming Love

A 6-week series through the book of Malachi

In Malachi’s day, the people of God had seen God’s faithfulness in stunning ways. After years of discipline, God had restored them and brought them back from exile. There were exciting early years of rebuilding and growth. But before long, spiritual apathy set in. The people forgot God’s love and neglected God’s commands. Their lives devolved into a morass of half-hearted disinterest at best or outright rebellion at worst. 

Into this haze of spiritual lethargy, God sends Malachi with these opening words: “I have loved you.” In the context of his love, God begins “cleaning house” in the hearts and lives of his people. Marriage, worship, community, money - it’s all on the table for a renewal and restoration by a loving, redeeming God.

Malachi shows us that God loves us where we are. And in his mercy, he doesn’t leave us there. In love, he goes about transforming and restoring our lives. He aligns us with his ways. He conforms us to the image of his Son. He causes us to thrive. And in so doing, he puts his mercy on display in the world. 

As we enter a new year, let us see how God will renew and refresh us with his redeeming love through the book of Malachi.