Preaching Team

This team of elders is responsible for planning the preaching diet of the church and helping each pastor work through his Scripture text before he preaches.

Kevin Rogers (Facilitator), PJ Smyth, Robin Boisvert, Mark Mitchell

Sunday Planning Team

This team of church staffers meets weekly to coordinate all aspects of our Sunday worship services and conduct longer range planning.

Ken Boer (Leader), PJ Smyth, Mark Mitchell, Sam Cox, Drew Garfield, Emily Gurtshaw, Patrick Chung, Dave Wilcox, Andrea Tercero

Management Team

This team of elders and staffers provides oversight and coordination of ministry activity and ensures that we are making progress in our ministry goals across the church.

Mark Mitchell (Leader), Ken Boer, Dave Brewer, Jim Mozingo, Greg Somerville, Dave Wilcox

Financial Advisory Committee

The FAC serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Elders by monitoring the financial affairs and facility needs of the church. The FAC’s work includes reviewing monthly financial statements, the annual budget, and all significant financial decisions.

Eric Newquist (Chairman), Dave Dassoulas, Robert Rashford, Jim Wilson

Human Resources Advisory Committee

The HRAC proposes salary and financial benefits for all church staff, submitting recommendations to the Financial Advisory Committee (FAC) for approval.

Susan Brown, Thea Jenkins, Bob Merryman, Paul Minkin

Adoption Fund Committee

Covenant Life’s Adoption Assistance Program seeks to defray the costs of domestic and international adoptions for qualified Covenant Life couples who desire to raise orphaned children but lack financial resources. The committee reviews cases and recommends how to disburse available funds.

Donna Banks, Dennis Jansen, Dave Mayo, Tim (Smitty) Smith

Global Missions Committee

The GMC partners with the elders and the Missions Department to ensure that every member of Covenant Life Church has the motivation, training, and opportunity to engage in God’s global mission.

For security reasons, names of GMC members are not posted online. To request more information please contact the church office.

Local Missions Committee

The LMC works closely with the elders and the Missions Department to ensure that every member has the motivation, training and opportunity to saturate the Greater Gaithersburg community with gospel influence.

Matt Chung (Chairman), Andi Alonso, Rae Pearl Canizars, Travis Earles, Jonalee Earles, Ezequiel Galeano, Bao Zarndt, Tyler Zarndt