Organizational Partners

Access Partners mobilizes Christian professionals and businesses for missions. They help business owners and executives to expand their companies overseas to places that are least reached by the Gospel. Through their “Strategic Cities” initiative they provide resources and connections to help Christian professionals find jobs in global cities. Covenant Life strongly endorses this organization and encourages all missions-minded professionals to explore opportunities with Access Partners.

Covenant Mercies

Covenant Mercies is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to serving orphans in collaboration with indigenous local churches in the developing world. Founded in 2002, they seek to combat the multi-generational cycle of poverty in the lives of orphaned children, and restore them to everything God created them to be as His image-bearers (Genesis 1:27). Through the Orphan Sponsorship Program, sponsors provide their child with an education, healthcare, essential living supplies, mentorship, vocational counseling, and gospel outreach. Today, CovenantMercies serves over 1,400 children in Sub-Saharan Africa, including more than 400 children in Western Uganda, through partnership with Pastor Moses and his church.

In many places around the world, pastoral training has not kept pace with the rapid growth of the Church. Leadership Resources International (LRI) exists to equip and encourage pastors to teach God's word with God's heart. LRI trainers have a passion to serve and equip faithful, yet desperately under-resourced, pastors around the world with the Word of God and the heart of God. Covenant Life is pleased to partner with LRI in training pastors in Ethiopia and Uganda.

Individual Partners

Since 2009 Phil Martin has been praying about church-planting in China. In October 2014 he and his wife Sara embarked on a year-long internship in Taiwan where they devoted themselves to language study, outreach and Bible study with non-Christians, and the birth of a new church. Their field mentor praised their personal integrity, work ethic, and fruitfulness. The Martins relocated to mainland China in 2017.

Seita Sakaguchi encountered Christ at George Mason University through the outreach of Redeeming Grace Church (Fairfax, VA). As he grew in his faith and joined the pastoral staff, he dreamed of returning to his native Japan (one of the least reached nations on earth) and planting a church. In March 2014, Seita and his wife Emma relocated from Virginia to Tokyo with their four children. He serves on staff with Grace Harbor Church, a church plant in the Toyosu district of Tokyo.

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