Basketball Outreach

Location: Practice Gyms

Time: Every Thursday (except in August) from 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM

It’s a chance to minister to a culture that is nearly completely un-churched and without a real gospel witness. —Chris Hughes

Ministry Leaders

Drew Garfield

Our Vision

To build relationships and make disciples among the young men in our community by providing a place to play basketball each week and an opportunity to hear truths about God.


  1. Launch a mentor and career placement program.
  2. Recruit more volunteers (both from the community and church)

It has caused me to go deeper into the implications of the Gospel and how those implications translate to biblically faithful and loving evangelism —Chris Hughes

Team Prayer Requests

  1. That we would have deeper friendships with the guys
  2. That guys would see Jesus as both their rescuer and one who is relevant to their lives and the challenges they face
  3. That the church would really come alongside these guys to demonstrate deep and genuine love and care

Volunteer Details

We would love your involvement! We’re looking for people who are decent-to-good at basketball and who have a desire to build friendships, share the gospel and make disciples. Volunteers should be at least 18. Ideal for guys up to 40. Also needing people willing to use their social and professional networks to connect guys with jobs/career opportunities as well as those who can help with resume writing and career training/mentoring.

Commitment Level: 1 year commitment to come out every Thursday to play and to participate in one Saturday team meeting a month.
Helpful skills to have: Basketball skills. Preaching/public speaking skills. People able to connect guys with work/career opportunities.

The basketball outreach has been one of highlights and joys of my life. Getting to have friendships with guys and be allowed into their lives has been an honor. Being able to talk and pray with guys who call in crises to being able to connect God’s truth into their lives has been a remarkable experience. —Drew Garfield

Outreach Details

Where: The practice gyms at CLC
When: Every Thursday, 7:30 - 10 PM (except in August)
How many people: 40