Men’s Shelter

The Men’s Shelter ministry serves the 200 homeless men at the Homebuilder’s Care Assessment Center in Rockville with hot, home-cooked meals on the second Wednesday of every month. 

There are many ways to serve the Men’s Shelter, from cooking, to serving meals to the men at the shelter, purchasing supplies, praying for the team, and even decorating lunch bags. 



  • Families prepare food in their own homes, then they either bring dishes to the shelter warm and ready to be served, or they coordinate with one of the other volunteers to consolidate items to drop off at the shelter.
  • Volunteers meet at the shelter at 5:45 PM and are finished by 6:45 PM, or 7 PM at the latest.
  • The Men’s Shelter ministry is in great need of families or individuals who are willing to cook these meals in their homes.
  • If you are unable to provide cooked items, the Men’s Shelter also welcomes donations of non-perishable items.


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