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THE VALUE OF SHORT-TERM MISSIONS has been widely disputed. Critics argue that short-term trips require lots of cash while making little contribution to the long-term spread of the gospel. But missions specialists agree that such trips are strategically valuable if structured around the following goals:

  • Serve the interests and priorities of the field partner, not the short-term team
  • Recognize the danger of “doing harm by doing good”
  • Insist on thorough pre-field training in cross-cultural issues for all team members
  • Link short-term missions trips to long-term missions commitments

Covenant Life Church offers short-term trips as a way to support field partners and inspire church members to grow in vision for God’s global mission. Both short-term and long-term service play key roles in our missions strategy.

I came home with a renewed vision for what the Lord is doing in the nations and a heart for his people all over the world! —Uganda Team Member

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