A Love Story, Redeemed

Onix and Miguel Castaneda were Christians, and the values they brought into their relationship mirrored what they saw in the secular world around them. Then God's grace broke in and changed everything.

Sharon Harvey & Introducing God

I came to experience Christ's love through the thoughtful conversations, questions and care of my Introducing God discussion group. "I can't begin describing my Introducing God experience without first sharing a bit about my personal spiritual...

Peter Giglio, Basketball Outreach

Peter Giglio has a love for basketball and the gospel. When he saw an opportunity to reach kids in the community, he didn't wait for the church to start an official ministry. Hear how Peter has helped local teens find God's love and hope at the...

Welcome to the Galeano Care Group

Members of the Galeano Care Group created this video to communicate their experience of small group life— how they share Scripture, food and fellowship, grow in friendship, and build each other up in faith as ambassadors for Christ....

Dave & Jen Brewer on Foster Care

From Sunday, May 16, 2015. Dave and Jen Brewer share about our Heavenly Father's heart for vulnerable children and how they came to serve as foster parents. Visit the Adoption & Foster Care page to learn more.

Sanctity of Life Sunday: Tsai Family Testimony

On January 17, 2016 we marked Sanctity of Life Sunday and heard this moving testimony from Rob and Trinity Tsai about the power of God's gift of life.

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