The Book of Ruth

The Book of Ruth

A Four-Week Journey

In November, we will be taking a four-week journey through the book of Ruth. The story of Ruth is one of the most beautiful stories ever told. It’s a short story. A true story. About the power and providence of God in the lives of very ordinary people.

Do you ever wonder whether God actually cares about the details of your life? We don’t usually wrestle with that question when things are going well. But when life starts to unravel. And you start to come unhinged. You might start asking “where is God in all this?”

How do you walk with God when your life is in ruins? And how does God walk with you? God gave us the book of Ruth to help us with those questions. It recounts the experiences of one ordinary family. No kings. No warriors. No prophets. Just a couple of widows and a farmer as they walk with God through some desperate situations.

Most importantly, through this story, a picture emerges of the extraordinary faithfulness of God in the ordinary details of life. There are no miracles. No visions. No audible voice from heaven. In the Book of Ruth, God uses the ordinary means of his providence to bring extraordinary grace to his people. In other words, this story is a lot like ours.


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