Few parenting decisions are more complex or more important than educational choices. Public school, private school, home school – each is a legitimate option. Covenant Life Church strives to support families no matter where they fall on this educational spectrum.

We do not currently offer any specific resources for public school families, though we applaud your commitment to be salt and light in the community. We are honored to have Covenant Life School in our facility, an accredited private school (Grades Pre-K through 12). We also offer encouragement and practical support for homeschooling families through our Family Schools Program.

For more information about Covenant Life School and the Family Schools Program, see below.

Covenant Life School

Training Students To Think Biblically and Live Passionately for Christ

Who We Are


Covenant Life School operates a K-12 program that is fully accredited with Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the Association of Christian Schools International. We are passionate about preparing youth for the unique call God has on their lives and devoted to supporting parents in Covenant Life Church and other evangelical churches who want to educate their children with strong Christian teachers and from a biblical worldview.

Our mission is to educate students who will think biblically and live passionately for Christ.

Mission & Vision

Our mission statement describes the education that will prepare our students for the call of God on their lives (2 Timothy 2:20-22) by shaping thinking, building a biblical worldview, and imparting values for a lifetime.

Our vision is seeing our graduates engaging their world with lives forged by God's Word. Our vision statement paints a vivid picture of our desired outcome as a school, one which inspires and energizes our community.  It describes what our students will be like if we serve them effectively.  

Core Values

Our core values flow out of our philosophy of education and express what the Covenant Life School community believes.  The following values guide our practices in fulfilling our mission:  

  • Love for God - We pursue a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
  • Devotion to Truth - We pursue, promote, and defend biblical truth in all subjects.
  • Love for Learning - We cultivate habits of the mind that will help pursue a life of learning.
  • Commitment to a Biblical Worldview - We engage the world of ideas with biblical discernment.
  • Partnership with Families - We work closely with parents in the task of educating and training their students.

Family Schools Program (FSP)

Community. Events. Resources.

Who We Are

The Family Schools Program (FSP) provides support and oversight to homeschooling families who are members of a local church. God has given parents the command to bring up their children in the training and instruction of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4, Deuteronomy 6:4-7). We don't believe homeschooling is for everyone but rather that parents have the prerogative and responsibility to choose the educational method they think best suits the needs of their children. We have made it a priority to assist parents as they embrace homeschooling as their educational choice. 

We help parents prepare their students for life by articulating a vision of academic excellence, establishing systems of mutual accountability, coordinating group activities and community among the homeschooling families, facilitating entrance into higher education and the workplace, and urging students and parents alike to live for the glory of God.

Our Purpose

The Family Schools Program is designed to…

  1. Provide the opportunity to homeschool under the legal requirements of the Maryland State Department of Education (COMAR 13A/.10.01.01)
  2. Support and encourage parents as educators
  3. Foster fellowship among home school families
  4. Offer supplemental opportunities for students
  5. Offer a pool of resources and services
  6. Motivate with accountability


FSP is recognized by the Maryland State Department of Education as an institution responsible to review home schooling students enrolled in its program. Led by the FSP Administrator, the Program is governed by an Advisory Committee composed of FSP member families. Each year families from each level of schooling are asked to make a one-year service commitment to help shape policies and program decisions. Committee members meet quarterly.

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