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The Language of Desire


Author: Ben Rosa

“Prayer is the language of desire; it is the offering up of our desires to God. It is the devotional thoughts and affections of the soul expressed in words. No spiritual emotions enter more intimately into the experience of the Christian, or more truly form the character of his piety, than those which are felt and expressed in his habitual intercourse with God. If he has adoring views of his Maker, and humbling views of himself; if he hungers and thirsts after righteousness; if he has strong confidence and joy; if his desires go out toward the enlargement and beautifying of the Church of God on the earth, and the salvation of men; nowhere do these internal emotions and desires find utterance so truly as in prayer. Where these devout affections exist with anything like ardour and intensity, they are uttered by a sort of necessity. Such persons cannot help praying. It is not possible that emotions this deep and spiritual, this high-born and heaven-imparted, should remain silent and smothered with the bosom. The heart is too deeply affected by them not to seek this relief.”

(Gardiner Spring, The Mercy Seat, 1863)

Five prayer requests:

  1. For the community leaders and police officers who are battling a rising tide of heroin addiction and overdose deaths in Montgomery County (See a recent video report.)
  2. For an October trip to Nepal during which two missions committee members will explore partnership with a national church planter
  3. For strategic new opportunities to share Christ in the South Lake community of Gaithersburg
  4. For the wife and six children of Pastor Christopher (Uganda) who passed away in August
  5. For many new friendships with Muslim neighbors as a result of the “Bridges” seminar (October 29)


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