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Spotlight: Sam & Becki Cox

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Spotlight: Sam & Becki Cox

Sam and Becki Cox recently moved from the UK to be part of Covenant Life. Sam has joined the church staff as worship leader with Becki singing alongside much of the time. They are interviewed by pastor Kevin Rogers.

Healing Grace: A Testimony of God’s Kindness

On Sunday, March 19, Grace Leake shared how, after months of praying, God healed her from thyroid disease and helped her realize the gift of freedom in Christ.

Spotlight: Hardship & Hope

On January 1, 2017, Jen Farlow and Genie Harvey shared about their experiences— Jen, with losing her husband in a tragic car accident, and Genie, with chronic pain from rheumatoid arthritis. They both communicated what is has meant to know God and...

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Ennis Family Story

Pat, Charlotte and Val Ennis share how God used Val's Down Syndrome to help the whole family appreciate the perfection of God's creation. In my heart I had added a word to that Scripture. The word was "unless" — 'I praise you because I am...

Book Club, Community Building

In 2013, John and Tracy Branchaw decided to experiment with how three things they enjoy most—sharing a meal, reading a good book and hanging out with friends and neighbors—could come together. The result was a once-a-month, potluck book club that's...

Open Court: Cory’s Story

Cory found friendship and faith as he came to Covenant Life to play basketball on Thursday nights. ​Cory's encouragement for us all:“Dig deep and look within yourself. Pray to God to speak to you. Are you doing everything you can to help people? Are...

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